"I run because..."

There is a moment when you are walking through a pre-race expo and someone stops you to ask what is written on your tee shirt. When you tell them that you run as part of Team Fox for the Michael J. Fox Foundation to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson's research, you notice a slight change in their body language and facial expression, and amid the noise and bustle of the day, this person gently rests their hand on yours and says, "thank you. My dad has Parkinson's." At that moment you slip one of your Team Fox bracelets off your wrist and hand it to them. They take the bracelet, take a deep breath, and place it on their wrist. You don't know each other, but you find yourself sharing a hug. As you part, she tells you to run a good race. You nod, then wave, and move on. 

And make a promise. 

Which is this. 

On April 19, 2014, during the KDF Mini/Marathon "I run because" 
  • Woody Dulaney is unable to run any longer;
  • my friends Chris, John, and Ruth, even with their PD, get up and move every day;
  • my friends Grove, Susan, Gene, Matt, Gwen, Stephanie, and Missy, are doing their part for their family to help speed a way to a cure;
  • my step-father Donald never stopped believing there would be a cure for Parkinson's even if he didn't live to see it;
  • my mother raised me to honor my promises and live my life to it's fullest potential;
  • my children should always believe that life is about following your dreams no matter how old you are and that you can work hard every day to achieve your goals and still have fun doing it;
  • my coach, Scott, is confident that one day I will run a 6:30 minute mile (maybe not this race, but one day!);
  • my family, friends, and team mates (like those on #run3rd) believe it isn't how fast you run a race, it's just that you are willing to run the race that is worth every high-five and clang of the cowbell. 
"I run because" it gives me an opportunity to see the sunrise or watch the sunset. To hear the sound of my heartbeat and feel my feet fleetly touch the earth. To smell the scent of rain. 

And on the days when I run, when I think I can't run any further, when I am exhausted and haven't had enough protein, when my calves are so tight it hurts to walk across from the living room to the kitchen, I still know this: my tired will pass. I'll shower, have an omelet, and I'll be good to run again. And when I run-I'll keep running every single day until there is a cure.

One mile at a time, because, after all, every mile matters

So, why do I run?

"I run because" I can and the truth is "we only can't if we don't."

"I run because" I'm a runner. 

What about you? 

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