Is the magic gone?

Dear Fitbit,

When we first met I was so enamored. I thought to myself "finally someone who gets me, who understands my whims and moods. Who will help me 'walk my walk' and keep me on track to all my successes." And in the beginning our relationship was great (well, there was a bit of bumpiness as I had to switch from the large to the small bracelet and it took me forever to get the plastic clip to work. And while I've digressed to that, I mean, a plastic widget like a lego piece is all I get for $99? No bling? No sleek uber-hipster style? I mean, as cute as you are, you are just a wee bit clunky. I know, I could have chosen others and chose you, so I'll move on. But plastic? Really? How...80s).  And that bit of a mis-step was to be expected, I mean, after all we were getting to know one another, a little awkwardness is understandable.

And, well, here we are. A few weeks in and I must say that when I am in the middle of my run and you start buzzing to let me know that I've reached my step goal, I swear I hear "Eye of the Tiger" playing and I always do a magic high five with you.


Based on my personality and routine I humbly suggest the following activity choices would be better suited to me than the ones you let me choose from on the mobile app (I mean, accordion playing is great, but not something I engage with on a regular basis):

I should be able to choose:

getting on to getting on my goodbye shoes
catching arrows in mid-flight
leaping tall buildings in a single bound
jumping to conclusions
wearing my heart on my sleeve
sending out an SOS
activating my wonder twin powers
pulling mussels from a shell
feeling 22
sending in the clowns
providing a shoulder to lean on
bending over backward
dancing with myself
whistling down the wind
seeing the world with rose colored glasses

Now, I recognize these are activities you perhaps want to not always acknowledge or recognize. After all cheering me on while I'm in the middle of a 10k is one thing, but providing support, encouragement, and understanding are perhaps a bit beyond your scope. So really, when I say "it's not you, it's me" I completely and utterly own that fact.

Is the magic gone?

Oh fitbit, you may help me better monitor my insomnia, and even add to it by going off a 3am in Albuquerque because I failed to re-set you and you are still on east coast time. That was totally my bad and I only have myself to blame, so please, accept my apology for cursing you out. I shouldn't have done that. It was just rude.

But if we are to continue this relationship I think this is a conversation well past due. I know, I know, I'm maddening, passionate, irresistible at times, sassy and full of spunk. I can be demanding, moody, and temperamental. But fitbit, don't you agree I'm worth every moment we spend together. I mean I

take you to all the best places. I don't set you aside even when I'm in my fanciest of attire, when quite frankly you look awkward, uncomfortable, and out of place. I mean, I'm constantly explaining just
what you are to all my friends. And while they are amused, I fear their patience is growing thin.

I'm not sure what this means as our relationship continues. But I thought it was important that you know that I appreciate your appreciation of me. I'm hopeful that this will help us regain our footing with one another as we move forward.

But this whole having to attach you to my shoe to get my steps to count when I ride my bike...awkward.

Love, M


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