This is the Moment You've Been Waiting For

I am greatly, infinitely, wonderfully, blessed. 

This moment matters more than any other. This "now" that you are experiencing. You can embrace this moment. Let it carry weight and significance in your life. Or you can choose to let it slip away.

All we ever get is a moment.

We are not promised a better, greater, more important tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow could be all that and more, but we have no guarantee that it will be. And even if it is, we tend, even in those most delightful of moments, to keep looking for something more amazing, more incredible, more wow than then now we are currently in.

And as blessed as we all are, we tend to think our blessings are never...enough.

But they are. I am blessed because I have the luxury to be sitting on my couch at 11:24 am this Thursday morning and write these words. 

I had coffee to drink, breakfast to eat, hot water for my shower, clean clothes to wear, and gas in the car. And I have a day unfolding ahead of me in which I can do, well, pretty much whatever I want. 
  • I can answer and send emails related to work
  • I can post a tweet or update a status
  • I can go for a run or a walk
  • I can drink another cup of coffee
  • I can nap
  • I can put on my cape and save the world
  • I can eat chocolate covered peanuts
I'm selfish at times certainly. I like my space. I like to wander around antique stores and take photos. I like to eat oranges and have my fingers smell sweet and feel sticky from the juice. I like to try on dresses and shoes for occasions I will never attend because invitations never come. I like to write, on my blog and in my journal. I like to sit in the sun and stretch my legs out and sip an iced chai tea latte and watch the clouds. 

I like to celebrate my successes and those of my friends, over a nice lunch of egg drop soup, chicken fried rice, and vegetable lo mien, with an egg roll and a fortune cookie which will tell me my future in cryptic terms and will have great impact on how I spend the rest of my day. 

And what I think is a good day might not be your good day, but that's okay because life really shouldn't be a competition of how many celebrities you meet, or how many events you get invited to, or how many likes you get on an instagram photo. 

But the moments that matter the most, that we tend to overlook and think we will have again are...

...spent reading Dr. Seuss's And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street to your daughter's first grade class because she asked you to. Because that moment of asking will start to fade as she gets older, as having your mom come into the classroom to read isn't the norm, as wanting to dress in crowns and feather boas, will slowly turn into wanting to fit it with the "it crowd."

...spent talking for hours with your son about the time paradoxes in Dr. Who and which companion(s) were the best and how Tom Baker (the fourth Dr.) really established the tone of the series and how other actors establish their Doctor's character. 

...spent sitting on a couch in the quiet of the early morning next to your oldest son, who reaches over and holds your hand, without words being said, and even though it lasts but a moment, it matters. 

For the truth, as Charles Bukowski said, is that "we are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that death will tremble to take us."

seize the day, every day
Some friendships last a lifetime, some we find have no life in them.

Some causes we work for work our fingers to the bone and leave us feeling world worn and weary. Some causes work for us, bringing us into spheres of influence in which we can create great interest and generate impact. But all causes, great and small, require our commitment to the small and the large moments, our willingness to take bold leaps of faith when faith is lacking, and our ability to land with grace even when we stumble.

Some moments we can make memorable and immortalize, other moments slip through our fingers and leave no trace, other than a slight film which we wipe away the first moment we get.

Far too often we measure our value, our worth, our significance by how many likes or shares we get for a post, by how many invitations to events we receive, by how many awards sit on a shelf. We minimize the story times, the television talks, the gentle holding of hands as moments we can have again if we missed them the first time.

So today, take a moment to say please and thank you, take a moment to say I love you, take a moment to let those you care about know you care, and always, when asked, and whenever possible, take a moment to be fully, completely, absolutely body and soul, present in the present.

Your moment is now...what will you do with it?

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