This Close

As a Shot@Life champion I've been asked to support the #endpolio campaign. Did you know that we are "this close" to ending polio? But  being this close currently means that three nations, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria, still are working hour by hour to provide multiple vaccination and immunization opportunities for children and communities. Shot@Life is working in collaboration with Rotary International, and you can as well, by adding your photo (and support) to their World's Biggest Commercial (I'm excited to be at about the 8 minute mark):

And here's an example of how life can change in an instant. Not more than thirty minutes after my "this close" photo was taken, I broke my wrist. Well, I should say my new dog broke my wrist. It was a "leash fail" moment and while puppy went one way, my left wrist didn't and "pop" off I go to the emergency room. After close to three hours in the emergency room this is what I learned: x-rays don't show a break but because of severe pain and immobility it's probably a break, or at least a torn/pulled ligament. Either way have to now wear a brace and am on major pain medication. 

And here is how all that ties into being this close. I was able without incident to drive myself to receive medical care. Children in other countries don't have access to basic health care and nations are relying on the support and outreach of groups such as Rotary International and Shot@Life to help them combat polio and other illnesses which can be eliminated with vaccinations. And yes, it is completely inconvenient to have a broken (or at the very least sprained) wrist, but imagine going to bed one night and waking the next morning to discover you are paralyzed? That happened 60 years ago to my friend Rose (and I wrote about it for havemomentum) and that happens every day some where in rural Pakistan. I can heal from a broken wrist because I have access to specialists, medical products, and medication. You can't heal from paralysis. 

So, today is officially Make A Difference Day. In my community (like so many others) there are numerous playground/school clean up projects, tutoring/mentoring sign up/events, walk-a-thon's for a cause (or a cure). Quite possibly you are participating in one of these events. But here's another way you can make a difference:

Support Shot@Life in their efforts to #endpolio by 
  • sharing on your twitter or facebook posts how #vaccineswork
  • making a donation (for $1 you can provide the polio vaccine to one child)
  • adding your "this close" image to Rotary International commercial
  • Call the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations at (202) 224-4651 to tell them that “the United States government should continue to support polio eradication programs because American funding for the Global Polio Eradication Initiative is crucial to ensuring the eradication of polio.”
So, how do I prevent another break? Train the dog. 

How do I help prevent an outbreak from polio? Vaccines. 


  1. What a wonderful and amazing and inspiring blog :) it's always good to meet a fellow KY blogger. Keep up the great work!!

    1. Thanks Keith! I'll take a look at your blog as well, and I agree, Autumn is a great time of the year!

    2. Thank you Myrdin! May I follow your blog?

    3. Absolutely and thanks! I also contribute to HaveMOMentum as a contributing editor, so look for articles there as well.