It's about "we" not "me"

My friend Nicole Melancon is an incredible advocate and an inspiration to me. Every time we talk, I learn some new, amazing fact about her and am compelled to step up my own game. Yesterday she encouraged me to add my voice to Blog Action Day 2012 and write a post about their theme "The Power of We." I actually joked that I didn't need to write a new post, that if you just read everything I've written either on this blog or for Shot@LifeVolunteer Spot, Parenting, or Parent Involvement Matters, it's obvious that I am well engaged in the promotion of "we" as a way to create sustainable communities. After all, despite how we may feel within our community at times, isolated and individualized, the truth is WE are an integral part of not just our city, but our global community as well.

Unlike Nicole, I have never been silent. While at times people may have wished that I would quiet down, and I certainly have been known to modify my rhetoric to suit the occasion, the truth is I believe that if you see something that isn't working and you have the power to change it, you should do so. And I believe that while I can do that one thing, it is so much better to have someone to do that one thing with. The saying "many hands make light work" is often thrown about casually, but the simple truth is working together instead of next to each other makes a significant difference.

It's the power of WE.

We can support one another as we journey on our life path. My causes may not be your causes, but instead of negating what I do, celebrate the fact that I am doing something, or better yet, help me so WE can manifest change. Our journey doesn't have to be lonely or isolated if WE travel that path together. I can't always be at every event my fellow Shot@Life champions host, or be at every walk-a-thon, playground build, or rally, but I can help share about those events and encourage people I know who live in those areas to join and support. Not for me, but because of WE.

Proud to be part of this "WE" with my friends, Family Engagement in Education Advocate Gwen Samuel and Shot@Life/Champion of Change Felisa Hilbert

One person may have the vision, but it takes a group to see that the vision becomes a mission. One person may be the inspiration, but it takes a group to make significant impact. One person may write the blog, but it takes others to share their voice. One person may get the solo spotlight, but they sing so much better when the choir is standing beside them.

It's about community connectivity. Every day people in my city, in this nation, around the world, do something to help others. Sometimes those small somethings go unnoticed, unrecognized, unacknowledged. But sometimes, because a few someones work together on those small somethings, those small somethings become big things, movements that create such a noise of impact that you can't help but notice. That's the power of WE.

So today, whatever your cause is, whatever you feel you need to lend your voice to, don't not do it because you think "I am only one" do it because you are not only one. Know that whether you've ever met them or not, there is another one working on the same cause you are. You are a part of a WE.

And WE are amazing.

The power of WE: 45 advocates for Shot@Life, ready to change the world because vaccines work. 
And here's what WE can do:

We Shot@Life champions are working together to end polio Thanks to safe and effective vaccines, levels of polio are at an all-time low, with only 145 new cases reported this year. But, here’s the scary truth: Polio anywhere remains a threat for children everywhere. Eradication is within reach, but the fight isn't over and WE need your help. It costs less than $1 to vaccinate a child against polio. Do your part to end polio by donating $50 to vaccinate 50 children against polio and give them a shot at a healthy life. Help Shot@Life reach their goal of vaccinating 40,000 children against polio by Halloween! Let’s scare away this disease and end polio once and for all!

If you can't donate, help by sharing a tweet on World Polio Day, which is October 24:

·         We are all responsible for creating a polio-free world while we still can. Join the fight to #endpolio with @shotatlife:http://bit.ly/sc7PoW
·         This World Polio Day, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change history. Join the fight to #endpoliohttp://bit.ly/VQjLcW

We can do this. We can make the world a healthier place for all. Working together, we can make a difference.

You + me = We.

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