Have you put play back in your day?

The irony that I am in my house writing a blog about play is not lost on me. When I was a kid you couldn't keep me in the house on a day like today-winter break and no school? It was a "no-brainer" and off I'd go on my big wheel and zip around the neighborhood. And back when I was a kid in the 1970s my parents honestly did not know where I was until I reported back to them at around dinner time. Sure, there were times when being the only girl in a neighborhood full of boys often meant sitting in the tree house pretending to be Princess Leia so that I could be "rescued" by any of the wanna be Han Solo's or Luke Skywalker's who populated my neighborhood. And while, at times, those moments were excruciatingly....boring (it was boring being the damsel in distress, okay?) But once I was "rescued" we often changed the imaginary game to something else, and off we'd all go, big wheels, bikes, running, leaping...

But now, in my, ahem, older years, I'm not quite as liberal as my parents were. I do go on long walks or runs with my children, and we are frequent park visitors, but as a grown up I'd say that I'm really not as "playful" as I ought to be and I certainly don't let them wander through the neighborhood unsupervised. And, yes, I'm on the treadmill at least three times a week plugged into my 5k...but is it joyful play? It is certainly routine, but rewarding to my soul?

So that's why this season I'm thankful for the KaBOOM! "60 Minutes of Play" "giftcard" app:

Thankfully, KaBOOM! has the best gift that you can give for the holidays...at no cost to you except for the time it takes to send it. Give The Gift of Play. That's right. For every 60 minutes of PLAY you send to a friend on facebook, you get 5 minutes of BONUS PLAY time! As I write this blog, I've earned 570 minutes of PLAY! You bet I'm cashing that in during this winter break...no one said I had to play with my kids, right? What I can't believe is that KaBOOM! CEO Darrell Hammond...isn't in the lead! What? That's crazy! The man has a Foosball table in his conference room and a tire swing in his front entry way!

"When you swing on a star...carry moonbeams home in a jar" KaBOOM! offices, Washington DC, November 2011
So, I challenge all of you to add a little play back into your day. We certainly get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, whether we are busy baking Turkish delights...or eating them...or searching for that perfect last minute gift, but when was the last time you pretended to be Princess Leia and climbed to the top of the tree? As Darrell Hammond points out in his latest op-ed "Back to Basics" in the Huffington Post, "So unplug this holiday season and give the gift of good old-fashioned play to the kids and adults on your list" and that app on facebook is a great place to start. 

And by the way...that gift card NEVER expires. Ever. You can cash in your minutes at any time. In fact, it's more fun to cash in those minutes with a friend...Foos Ball anyone? Game on!

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