Twelve Days?

So today my soon to be kindergartner has a physical. And even though I have explained that a physical means her doctor (who has been her doctor since birth) is going to weigh, measure, and just make sure she is in good health, she is terrified of going because she doesn't want a shot. And as much as I know that all her immunizations are up to date, I also know that she might have to have a wee bit of blood work (you know, the finger prick blood work to check for iron levels, etc) and that yes, that might hurt a bit.

Which brings me to today's checklist item: my own (or your own) health. Like most parents, when Mom gets sick...it doesn't really matter. She still does the laundry, she still shuttles the little bits to and from school (and extra curricular activities), she still cooks, helps with homework, and doesn't ever complain or ask for (or get) a sick day. I think the only time I have ever asked for any sort of "Mom Reprieve" is when I've had a particularly bad strain of a stomach flu, and even then I nibbled on saltines, sipped ginger ale, and drove kids to school...then came home and collapsed. Then got up and wiped everything down with a good dose of bleach.

I am turning...42. (Yes, and why hide my age when my lovely kindergartner will tell you not only how old she is but in the same breath tell you how old I am. Proudly tell you how old I am). But I have done a horrible job of taking care of myself. I haven't had my

  • blood pressure screening
  • cholesteroll screening
  • diabetes screening
  • eye exam
  • Osteoporosis
  • pituitary gland check
  • hormone levels
  • etc
And I think, like most of us, we assume that if we don't "feel' bad we must not be unhealthy. I mean, I eat a good balanced diet, I exercise regularly, and I generally only get a bad cold once a year. But the truth is that as parents we always put our kids first, they get the new shoes, new clothes, new toys, and we get the leftovers. But in this case, when we schedule our child's physical for school (or for sports) and eye exam...we really need to schedule one for ourselves. After all, if the Mom (or the Dad, or the Grandparent...) REALLY gets sick, then no one gets to school, or band practice, or soccer, or....

So, today: schedule your annual whatever it is you need to schedule. Then keep the appointment. For one moment put yourself first. You aren't a leftover, so stop treating yourself like one. And for the record, I don't like shots either, I don't like having blood work done, and I don't ever get a lollipop when it's over either. But I know that if I'm going to do all the other items on the checklist, and do them well, I need to be well. So, after this blog, time to call the doctor and get my own back to school physical scheduled.

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear - Buddha

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