Lost the checklist? Make a new one!

Okay, I didn't technically lose the checklist, but it sure felt that way this past week. With the very best of intentions I was going to blog everyday about how parents can best prepare themselves for school. On my checklist this week was to attend a recent Kindergarten Countdown event with my daughter and family and help with the 15th District PTA booth, enjoy a hot-dog and watch the Mayor and new district Superintendent, Donna Hargens, throw out the first pitch(es). I was also going to check off my list my daughter's elementary school annual Ice Cream Social and meet her teacher for next year, join the PTA, and sign up to volunteer. However...those items while still on my checklist had to be completed by her dad because new items, emergency items, were added to my list.

I had to travel out of state to help my family as we went through a medical emergency. And while there I added new urgent and important items to that local checklist: check on mom, check on step-dad (he was in the hospital), check on niece and nephew, check on brother, check into family crisis and drama. A three hour time difference, sleeping on a couch, spending time in an ICU waiting room, logging into computers at a local Starbucks, feeling completely overwhelmed, exhausted, disconnected, and drained, I learned one really important lesson:

  • you can always throw out the checklist,
  • the checklist is important to help guide your day, your week, your month,
  • but you can always throw out the checklist
Because really, life is full of unexpected "stuff." Good stuff certainly (like finding out you are being treated to a day at the SPA for your birthday because you slept on a couch all week, HINT HINT) or bad stuff, having to spend four hours in the Denver airport because you have to travel for a family emergency. So your checklist has to always be flexible, has to always have a blank line for the unexpected, an empty check box, room to add a few extras at the bottom while you mark off the items at the top.

Because this is what matters on your list:

Jonah, Finn, and Seth
Always the first three items on my checklist

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