It's the final countdown!

Boy, do I need to back to school myself...this whole countdown thing is really throwing me off my game. For some of you, school is now officially back in session. Your first day was perhaps last week, so many of you are now suffering from Starbucks overdose as you either drowned your sorrows in a mocha frappe or celebrated that today you are kid free! Some of us are still waiting for school to begin so we can't cry or fist pump yet. Which is why there is another post in the countdown checklist! Lucky readers!

It's all about the social networking on today's list. I am on Facebook, I've been tweeted, linked in, texted, google plussed out. I am emailed, voice mailed, snail mailed, with all sorts of information that at times I just want to back to a simpler time of cave painting as the main form of communication. But communication is essential if we are to be connected to not only one another, but now with our kids.

So, be digitally aware. Do your kids have a facebook page...even though they are under 13? My former sister-in-law and I were talking about how my nephew's birthday was this past week, as noted on his facebook account. She received a notice from facebook that she should wish him a happy birthday. Odd, since his birthday is in September and he is under 13! His response when asked about the misrepresentation of his age/dob was "you told me to never tell the truth about my dob when online to avoid predators!" Ah...true, but she also didn't intend for him to lie to be on facebook either. Which is why it is important for us as parents to be plugged in. Know what the lingo is for all those texts (from lol, cu, l8tr, imho, etc). Know what sites your kids visit and with whom they may be digitally connecting. Remind them that no matter how cute that they think that photo is, even if they erased it off their camera, if they posted it somewhere on line, it is now there FOREVER. We used to say "leave only footprints" but now we have to be aware that we are "leaving digital footprints" which could come back to bite us in the you-know-what for that college or job application.

I'm not going to talk about all the bullying that goes on, we know it is happening. I'm just saying that today's checklist item might just about about checking up on your kids so they know that they are number one on your checklist.

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