Counting Down Continues...

No major checklist post today. Sometimes the item on the checklist needs to be that there is no item on the checklist. It's a Saturday, and if you are like me, you actually want to take a break from all of the education preparation clutter that is in your head, your house, your car, on your facebook page, and twitter feed. I mean, how many articles about "Back to School" can a rational person read before they all start to look alike AND say the same thing. Even if this is your first adventure into the education swimming pool, it's not like you don't know what to expect. The first few moments of the first few days will be rough. Get tissue. No matter how strong you think you are, you aren't that strong. When little miss independent walks away from you and into that classroom you will smile and wave, then the moment you get in your car you will dissolve into a mass of insecurity and anxiety, thinking about every little "what will go wrong today" moment. It's inevitable. And I've been down this road twice before. It just doesn't get easier. So I guess today's checklist item is this

  • It is okay to cry
  • It is okay to think they aren't ready when they are
  • It is okay to be filled with anxiety
  • It is okay to feel that a chapter of your life is over
  • It is okay to celebrate that a new chapter of your life is beginning and not feel guilty if you don't cry when your child walks into the classroom and you fist pump a hurrah in the air and go grab a latte without having to go to a restaurant that serves toys with meals
  • It is okay. PERIOD.
But if you are still crying on day two of school, I will look at you with concern, and remind you of the last item on the above list. IT IS OKAY. PERIOD.

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