Checklist-14 days and counting!

Yesterday was about making sure that as a volunteer coordinator I am seriously coordinated. This is often a challenge for me without a help from Volunteer Spot. I cannot Zumba, and Dance Dance Revolution is one revolution out of my league. But today is about making sure that my kids paperwork for school is coordinated, before they actually start school.

So often in the few weeks before the beginning of school we are inundated with mailings from our children's schools and the school district about
  • bus schedules (will they/he/she ride a bus, if so when, am/pm, both?),
  • about when orientation is (for some it is an am, for some it is a pm, is it Saturday, or during the week),
  • who your child's new teacher will be (or for some finding out that the teacher they thought their child was going to have, well, not going to happen, ye-ouch, that's going to be a "fun" conversation),
  • lunch applications for free/reduced lunch (and then another conversation about whether your child will or won't be eating the lunch the cafeteria provides or if they/he/she will be "brown bagging" it in that really cute, but very ridiculously overpriced Littlest Pet Shop/Transformers/Disney Princess/Bakugan lunch box that they begged you for while you were school supply shopping (oh, that was day 16 before we started the ultimate check list)),
  • finally, whether or not a UNIFORM is required...should have known about that one when you filled out the application btw...

Okay. So my big goal for today: fill out the paperwork now so I won't have to the first evening of the first day of school. Make sure I have everything accurate and correct. Line up all the emergency contacts and their correct phone numbers. Make sure the immunization records are up to date. Make sure that I am prepared so my children don't have to keep reminding me to get prepared. Get another item off the checklist completed...because the list is long, and I still want to enjoy summer vacation with my children before it becomes another photo in the album.

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