So, I was going to be all serious and scholarly about this checklist, but I have to have a moment of self indulgence on today's checklist post. Why? Because of this. Because of this guy right here. Because my oldest son turns thirteen today. What? THIRTEEN? When did the sweet little cherbuic kid who used to pull every book of the bookself, stand in the pile, and laugh gleefully, turn into a teenager? Well, he did it today. So rather than a big checklist of school prepartion, I thought of the checklist about my "primal teen." Here is what I know about my amazing, incredible, moody, complicated, sarcastic, sensitive, surly, kid:

  • he is not a morning person which totally whomps because he has to be because of when school starts and he rides the bus;
  • he is not keen on hugs or kisses or any sort of parental displays of affection, especially in front of his classmates, however he is okay if you "hang" with him on a field trip as long as you never rumple his hair;
  • he can recite entire passages from every Douglas Adams book (and most closely associates with Marvin the paranoid android-yes, I see therapy in his future and mine because of this; but he does a wicked imitation of Marvin that can bring tears to your eyes and make your stomach hurt because you have laughed so hard);
  • he always wins at Risk;
  • he can tease his siblings in the worst possible ways but if you mess with them you better step back because he will step in;
  • he loves scrambled eggs, pink lemonade, and hamburgers with sliced onion;
  • he is a tempest in a teapot at times, emotional one minute and emotionless the next;
  • he can clean the "cookies" off your computer (not sure this is a good thing...);
  • he will pull you aside and just say "I love you" for no reason at all, which is what you hold onto when he is acting like he doesn't love you at all;
  • he is truly a blessing and a joy to be around when he wants to be; and yes, for him it can be a choice.
So, Happy Birthday number one son. From building blocks to building an empire in Risk, it has been a wild and crazy adventure. Thank you for sharing these years with me...I can't wait to share in what happens next!

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