Purpose, Passion, and PTA

Who have you seen at the PTA convention? One thing that we all love about convention is to be able to reconnect with friends who we only connect with on facebook and twitter, as well as the ability to make new friends too. It is those relationships which are vital to the health of PTA, because in all our conversations we always go back to the same idea: everychild.onevoice. Certainly each PTA has a unique approach to reaching parents, or to promoting membership, or even how to create great leaders and advocates. But we are all working with the same goal: everychild.onevoice.

Wasn't Judge Glenda Hatchett INCREDIBLE? Her thoughts about how we have to have a conversation and not a speech was spot on. "No more important work in life that to touch a child's heart. If you do that well, you've touched the future." There are 1195 of us here doing everything in our ability to help make that future the very best one possible for ALL children. We know that every 9 seconds a child drops out of school. That in some places only 58% of children are graduating. And of those that those who drop out, 3 1/2 are more likely to end up with a criminal record. As Judge Hatchett said, we only get one chance to get it right for the children of this generation, that that chance is NOW.

So, today, instead of reading this blog, go out and get it right. If you are at convention: VOTE. If you are at home: spend time with your kids. If you don't have kids, go volunteer at a community center, a library, a school. It is time to be engaged and more importantly it is time to be excited about being engaged.

Ask yourself, what is my purpose? to do everything I can today so that tomorrow is the best it can be for the children of this world. What is my passion? doing everything I can today so that tomorrow is the best it can be for the children of this world. How do I live my purpose and passion? By being part of the PTA. By knowing that PTA is about "Parents (People) Taking Action." Not tomorrow, but TODAY.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Maria Robinson

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