PTA, Parenting Magazine, Mom Congress and YOU!

It was great seeing Parenting Magazine editor Sean Bean during the National PTA Convention. If you haven't read any of Sean's articles about fatherhood, you really should. Insightful, funny, to the point. Parenting and PTA have a great partnership (Parenting is the official Media sponsor of PTAs Reflections program), and that partnership extends to the Mom Congress. You can connect with Mom Congress on facebook (facebook/momcongress) on their blog at parenting.com/momcongress, as well as twitter (#momcongress) Access tools and information to help you advocate for change by visiting the Mom Congress Member Resource Center, connect with other parents, and NOMINATE yourself to become the next Mom Congress delegate from your state for the 2012 session (this December). In the meantime, Mom Congress has a School Transformation Contest: Enter your school for the chance to win a $20,000 (yes, $20,000) grant (we just learned all about grants from Tom and Betsy in a workshop so you know you are ready for this one): 200 word essay and a photo or video by September 30, 2011. Go to the Parenting magazine website for more details.

So, time to go to the Reflections luncheon, and for those of you not at convention, support the Arts by attending a story time, going to a museum or art gallery, or see a movie! It's summer, but ART (just like Education) doesn't take a vacation!

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