National PTA and YOU: Family Engagement in Action!

These are the words that greet you at Epcot's American Experience show. As I sit in the convention hall awaiting the first General Session of the National PTA Convention, I am struck by how many of us are dedicating our lives to fulfill these words, to ensure that children's voices are heard, and that decisions, policy, etc at the National, State and local level which are crafted and designed to benefit children do just that. That politics don't get in the way of common sense. That leaders understand that parents we should be treated with respect and valued. That we should be part of the conversation and always included in the dialogue. As parents, we entrust our children to so many people: to schools and teachers, to doctors, to book authors, to television show producers. In turn, shouldn't parents be trusted and seen as partners in these decisions concerning, as Disney says, "our greatest natural resource"? Workshops here prepare us to better navigate those essential family to school relationships, to know why art is so important in a child's learning development (and how to convey that importance to our schools), to make sure we are including every parent (family) regardless of who they are and where they come from. If they are a parent they make a difference and they matter in the life of a child. I look forward to what the rest of today holds. If it is anything like these past few days...we are all in for the best adventure of our lives!

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