Superintendent Search...qualities and criteria from BOE members

Here are my notes from the BOE meeting with the search firm, they might give us all a better sense of what the BOE members indicated they were looking for. The only member not inattendance was Larry Hujo.

According to the meeting, the close datefor the search is scheduled to be May 17, with presentation of candidates to a June 6, BOE meeting. This was done in a round table forum, each BOE member giving out their top three (or more as needed) qualifications.

Stephen Imhoff: History of elevating low performing schools/working with low performing schools within a 5 year period. Ability to close the gaps in an urban district. Proof in the last 3 years to move schools to benchmarks under the AYP (experience meeting state benchmarks). Collaboration with BOE, PTA, ability to collaborate with internal stakeholders even if a challenge. Ability to align curriculum. Open to bring in top notch cabinet/adminstrators/staff and recruit, train, retain top notch talent. Understanding of diversity.

Joe Hardesty: experience in a urban district. Engage/trust/respect:develop new young leaders, strong people skills. Ability to work with multiple stakeholder groups. Familiar with and continue to implement the student assignment plan. Appropriate education credentials.

Carol Haddad: Consensus builder. Ability to work with state to close achievement gap. Visibility in schools/morale booster. Experience managing a multi-faceted organization.

Debbie Wesslund: Demonstrated management/team builder. Personal integrity. Experience with labor relations. Also experience managing a multi-faceted organization.

Linda Duncan: Skilled communicator. Public relations strategist. Experience as a principal. Problem solver. Visionary and abilitiy to articulate that vision. Implemented urban reform efforts/knowledge of education reform and best practices in an urban district.

Diane Porter: Advocate for students. Belief in the value of diversity and commitment to equality and excellence. Stengthen/enhance relationship with board business partners and state leaders. Implemented urban reform efforts/knowledge of education reform and best practices in an urban district. Build trust within organization. Passion for ALL students in district, including ESL/ECE/Homeless population.

All those items were combined into a "top ten" list for a job description.

So what's next? The meeting between the search firm and the "stakeholders" to engage in a conversation about what "we" are seeking. Those questions? Greatest assets of the Greater Louisville Community? What are the strengths/assets of the JCPS District? What characteristics are most important in the next superintendent of JCPS? What are the most significant district, community, or state issues the selected person will face and need to deal with in order to be effective immediately? I'll post answers from the community sessions in the next blog post.

What are your answers/thoughts?

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