MomCongress...51 women poised for change!

Last night 51 incredible, dynamic, determined to make a difference, women were gathered here in Georgetown at the Riggs Library for a meet and greet before getting down to business. First, let me say thank you to all who nominated me. I will do my best to represent you well and to bring back to Kentucky the energy I encountered in that room. Robert Manuel, the Dean of Continuing Studies, indicated that this is the place for our ideas to flourish, that Parenting magazine will help publicize those ideas and that we are the action of those ideas encouraging other parents to be engaged and involved. I listened to stories of creating safe routes in CT because children need to know that parents and a community cares about getting them to school in a positive, caring way. I met all my facebook friends, spending the afternoon with Emily from Ohio as we walked around campus, talking about levies and property taxes and supporting our schools. I didn't get to say hello to everyone, and it was so frenetic that many conversations were interrupted, but I know that we will be working together on many a future project. Some of the conversational buzz will be nothing new to those who know me: get our kids to graduate, get them to higher ed, community college, a career path. Engaging the under engaged parent, by having parent information sessions, Dena in Nevada has a great project concerning parents, schools, and math! knowing that if we don't engage a family in a positive way about education while their children are in elementary school then many programs won't succeed in middle and high school. We have got to go back to basics. Our children have never known a world without cell phones, laptops, texting, social networking...how do we engage with them in the classroom when everything else in the world engages them and we as parents, educators, etc are competing for their attention and interest? Academics over atheleticism, until we truly value our academic teams, our mathletes, etc we will continue to disengage children from education. So much! too much!

So now, I am going to sip some much needed coffee, get ready for the day ahead, meeting Sect of Education Arne Duncan, talking with other delegates from MomCongress, listening to representatives from Edutopia, LeapFrog, Kindercare, RIF, about how "Together We Can...Make a Difference"

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