Does Frankfort want fries with that special session?

Well, our elected leaders in Frankfort failed to pass the budget. They even failed to make it all the way to midnight to fail to pass the budget, breaking the session up at 3:30 pm in the afternoon. I suppose all their personal business was far more pressing than passing this budget, then actually fulfilling their elected job obligations. So now they go into special session. For $64k a day, they can continue to not pass a budget. As we know, each and every one of us sure could use $64k in our bank accounts. That's why we are inundated with ads for the lottery, which is supposed to be supporting education in Kentucky. However, as a sidebar, I'd rather use my dollar to buy a package of pencils or a used book or two to donate to my son's class, then spend a dollar on a lottery ticket that may...or more often may not, win me a few dollars more, which I can then buy more lottery tickets with. But, that's just me. So our Governor says he's disgusted by this situation, some of our elected officials have said the public should be outraged by their inaction. Whew, I feel much better knowing that I have permission from Frankfort to be ticked off. I was a wee bit worried that they might take offense at my outrage. So, what's the bottom line? We have just proven our inability to compromise, to work together, to find a solution to a situation in a respectful manner. We have failed to do the very thing we ask our children to do each and every day in school. To work hard and do your best. Since we are getting ready to test our students in KY and assess them, now is as good a time as any to assess Frankfort. According to our assessments, I'd give Frankfort a Novice standing at best. May be time to send the audit team to take a look at why they continue to struggle. Might be time for some new leadership. New ideas. New directions. I might just mention that today when I am in Frankfort for a PAC meeting. So time to java up. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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