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I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the National PTA Legislative Conference as a representative of the over 53,000 PTA/PTSA members here in the 15th District. We did not know in advance that Mrs. Obama would be speaking to our group about her "Let's Move" campaign. We were there to speak with our elected leaders from Kentucky about the importance of ESEA, PIRC and the Re-authorization of the Child Nutrition Act. As the CNA now stands, the language has never changed since it's creation. It is outdated in both concept and practice. NPTA as well as the states that sent PTA representatives to DC, are asking that wellness policies and physical activity be written into the document. That nutrition guidelines be changed to reflect the changing climate in America, an obesity epidemic as it now stands. We also asked that more Farm to School programs be supported, that kitchens in our school cafeteria's be equiped to actually prepare fresh foods for our children and that kitchen personnel be trained to prepare these meals. We all know that educating our children about nutrition, the importance of physical activity and wellness begins at home. But when our children are at school for 6 1/2 hours a day (on average) it would be benefical if the positive messages and experiences we give to our children are reinforced and encouraged in their place of learning. Far too often our PTAs are asked to pick up the tab on wellness programs, whether they are YMCA grant funded in school activities, playgrounds, or the farm to school initiatives. As we know these programs can be costly and some schools are simply unable to participate. If a child is physically unhealthy, whether from a lack of proper nutrients or other ailments, they will not learn because they will no doubt be absent due to health related issues. Furthermore, we know that these health related issues directly tie into the current debate over Health Care. If we do not "Move It" now, our children will be unable to "move it" as adults.

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