Adventures await! A visit to our Nation's Capitol

I am here in DC for a weekend of discovery and a week of advocacy. Through a wonderful opportunity, our 15th D. PTA legislative chair was able to make plans with her family here in the DC area so we could stay with them for the weekend. It's selfish on both our parts really, she gets to see her sisters, some new babies, some older babies, and I get to see DC, to see Eastern Market where there are fresh flowers everywhere, vendor's selling their wares, fruit, scones, cheese, coffee...and DC architecture. Incredible Saturday where the air was crisp and clear, families out pushing stollers, walking dogs, friends greeting each other with a hug, such a positive moment of connection and community. We continued our day of discovery by heading to the Smithsonian. Let me say this. This is a must visit for any family. Walk along the sidewalks next to the Musuem of Natural history, see the Washington Monument, the incredible sense of history surrounds and overwhelms you. Now, I love a great vacation with my family, but it was equally as wonderful to be in the Smithsonian and look at what I wanted to look at and not be dragged from exhibit to exhibit or fear for my child who may have, in the quest of knowledge mind you, wandered off. I literally felt overwhelmed and awed by what DC has to offer. So after this day at the museum of the american indian, we went to the wharf. Ahhhhhh, fresh just off the boat crabs, octupi, shrimp, mouth watering clam chowder, deviled crab, sweet potato pie. It was pick me up off the floor delish! Then, off to the Inner Harbor, a new tourist spot that has been years in the building, where we wandered into the test zone for the new children's musuem. Between this spot and our previous visit to the KaBOOM! offices, CP and I are ENERGIZED and ready for action. We are inspired by the actions of others and intend on making an impact when we get home...and we haven't even been to the National PTA Legislative Conference yet! DC is truly a vortex of inspiration. Last night, thanks to CP's sister D and Brother in law C, crab cakes, big, juicy chunks of crab meat, eyes rolling back in your head, want to eat them all tasty! Today....who knows? The sun is shining, the coffee is ready, DC awaits. Live in the moment!

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