A Picture tells a thousand words...Children's Advocacy Day, Frankfort, KY 2010

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  1. Seth often says, "Mom, you do a great job speaking for me, but sometimes I think I need to speak for myself." He's absolutely right. Our elected officials need to look past statistics and into the eyes of our children. They need to know that our children are not just numbers on sheets of paper, but that they have dreams, goals, aspirations and are motivated to encourage and collaborate and make education matter again, for themselves, their siblings and their classmates. I was proud to have Seth by myside as we walked up the steps into the Capitol. I was proud as he interviewed elected officials and key advocates. He was respectful and prepared. I hope he left with a sense of what his mom does. That yes, there are volunteer sessions at CAP and a bookfair, that yes, there is an occassion meeting with the Urban League and the Mayor's Healthy Hometown Movement Schools Committee, that yes, there are blogs to write and phone calls to be made. But that truly when I do all of this, that I am inspired by these three things: Seth, Jonah, and Finn. Together We Can...Make A Difference. PTA