NO! to cutting days from the school calendar

ALERT Here in KY we just had a rally at the capitol "Children's Advocacy Day" many, many, many, groups (including but not limited to PTA) were there to let our elected officials know that we need to put our children first, in health initiatives, in education, in family support...I was able to bring my son (11) and three other students went along. We met with our Senator, other officials, the Lt. Gov and the Gov. My son was so jazzed! He interviewed and talked with all of these "big guys" about what he and his friends need. WOW! Then THE VERY NEXT DAY, it was announced that due to the budget issues, 2 days will be cut from the school calendar. WHAT? KY has one of the shortest education cycles in the nation, we only have 177 academic days to start with, and this year, due to severe weather, there are some counties that have already lost 30 days of academic instruction. We cannot compromise education. In this state we have proposed legislation that will increase the drop out age from 16 to 18 (I know, you are shocked that it is even acceptable for kids to quit school at 16....), our First Lady has initiated a Drop Out Prevention program, we have increased support for pre k education (support, not funds), and then this? and although even our own Superintendent of Education has spoken against this two day cut, we all know once those words have been spoken it is easier to go with it instead of against it, to let that idea roll around in your head....I have literally built a playground, filling holes with dirt so children can have physical activity, I have run bookfairs so children can have books to read to increase literacy efforts, I fold and wash donated clothing so children can have garments to wear to school so they will not miss educational opportunities, I write op ed pieces, trudge through snow to talk to elected officials, host spelling bees, workshops, and I do it because my children, Seth, Jonah, and Finn are not statistics, they and their friends and classmates deserve the very best that we adults have to offer. Our children are not an afterthought and they need to be respected and valued. whew. another edurant....boy, won't DC be a pip in two weeks....





  1. Okay, so it gets even better. Sure the Governor is sparing education, but not the rest of our Legislature!


    I'm not sure where they are getting their information, but KY has one of the shortest school calendars in the nation. In fact, in other countries the average is 200 days of academic instruction. When I balance my personal/family budget my children's needs are always taken into consideration first and we do not sacrifice them ever. Why is it then acceptable for our elected officials to do so?

  2. It's also impacting college as well...so now, as a state we are doing everything in our power to get our kids to higher education, we have drop out summits, urban league educ. summits, increase the drop out age...and then once they get there due to budget constraints we are now saying "abandon all hope ye who enter here?"