Just sharing a great piece about CARE for Kids. Would have liked to have the PTA mentioned, as we are the parents who are asked to support the initiative...but we will support it because we know that parent involvement is the key to a child's educational and emotional success. We have to collaborate, communicate and connect with our teachers, administrators and students. I practice many of the CARE skills just because that is how I communicate with my children. We have our own "circle time" after school so I can be informed as to their day. I am able to volunteer in the classroom and attend field trips, but for those parents who are not, conversation is the best way to know what is going on. My children know that they need to respect their peers, contributing to the "rules of the classroom" acknowledges differences in opinion. Play on the playground at recess reinforces collaboration, cooperation, and creativity. If a classroom is going to succeed then all students and their parents must be invested in that classroom's success. It isn't just about my son and his grades. It is about his ability to work with others, to learn from others, to be respectful of similarities and differences. To understand that the success of the individual is only as strong as the success of the group. Aren't these the lessons we teach our children? If you want to have a friend, be a friend (or as Yo Gabba Gabba sings "don't say mean things to your friends"). Share. Don't interrupt. Smile and the world smiles with you. Our children also need to know that their educational environment extends beyond the walls of their classroom and school. That they are part of a community. That being a positive member of that community makes for a positive community. That planting a garden makes a difference. That volunteering as a tutor, at a shelter, or just being nice to a classmate makes a difference. That "Together We Can...Make A Difference" that we CARE.

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